Music Review //
"2 & A Half"

LTtheMonk has a really chill way about the beats and hip hop qualities of the song "2 & A Half".   The song is about how after two and a half years you wonder if you're ever going to speak to someone again.   The song focuses on the idea of this relationship being one of the ones that could've lasted and now it doesn't seem as if it will- it feels over.

When I was younger I used to think of relationships as time spent and if it didn't work out then you have that mentality of "I just wasted two and a half years on you!" and you're not happy about it.   But, as I got older, and look back at it now, you can't think about it as time wasted but rather as experience and events which helped shape who you are today.

It's funny how in this way something like a romantic relationship can be like a job in a professional sense because now you have this two and a half years on your dating profile and it makes you seem like you know more about dating because you can speak from that experience.  It's not always something you see that way though until it's in hindsight.

"2 & A Half" has this cool flow to it that if you were to just get out of a relationship, whether it be for as long or just whatever you consider enough time to feel like it was wasted, this song should help you through it.  The song seems like the time was wasted but it doesn't sound angry or vengeful and feels more relaxed about it, as if that healing process can begin.  


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