Cassette Review //
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"sologuitar 1"
(Orb Tapes)


The way this cassette begins is with a lot of noise that sounds like pushing stuff around.  There is a distinct sound of guitar string scraping, but otherwise it just feels like going through the cabinets, moving around items and the sounds which come from that.   This goes into this deep hum, which is where the guitar cable meets the amp I believe, and then strings are plucked and this has the feelings of a music box.

Some beeping brings on the sound of a modem now, as it gets louder.   Scraping and echoing comes through and then it sounds as if percussion is reigning down now, like a bouncing ball, as the distortion fills all of the space behind it.   This grows louder as that banging returns behind it now and it all just feels so sharp and somewhat mechanical.   The sound now can remind me of a shovel scraping across a driveway.  

A softer digging sound now and it can at the same time feel like we're flipping through frequencies.   This is all broken up as that modem-like loudness blasts through again.  It grows quiet, with minimal acoustic percussion sounds.  Through echoes in space the sound trails out and then returns one note at a time.   Everything comes back up in this solemn bass way and then it turns into these tiny electronics which resonate deep waves of bass.  

An electronic storm brings out notes and beeps which come through like we're changing frequencies again, like tuning the dial on the radio.  This happens while also breaking for moments of echoing into space.  The guitar strings rattle.   We fall into a deep distortion now.   As we reach the end of the first side, we find the most intricate of guitar parts so far as there is just no denying the way that the notes and chords sound. 

On the flip side we open up with this supersonic distortion which just radiates through in waves.   This grows much louder, more intense and drops off into harsh noise territory before getting cut off.   Magical sounding tones return now.   Back and forth between moments that are quieter and moments that are louder, we've gone to a deeper, darker place now that feels like it is underwater.   This leads us into the guitar coming through with strong distortion but very much in a rock way.

The sounds of the guitar all get scrambled now and this reminds me of Primus for some reason.   The distortion begins to echo like Hendrix and then we're flipping through channels again as well, back and forth.   As this ends, a brief spot of fast paced percussion comes in and leaves, then we have what feels like string bending with a tapping beat.   Before the static comes in, this has a fun bouncing way about it where it almost sounds like the day the teddy bears have their picnic.  

Very sharp tones cut through now like a siren and the whooshes and whirrs and behind it.   Angelic tones, almost like we are in church now.   It feels like a harp as well.   The distortion returns and takes over the entire sound now.  It's just blasting.   That sound once again returns where it feels like a ball is bouncing or something is growing, and I'm reminded of the Disney "Gummy Bears" cartoon, but overall this is just a great representation of what a guitar can do.  


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