Music Review //
Watermark High
"Feel the Flow EP"

Watermark High has returned with four new songs and two remixes to form a new EP.  These songs are chill with beats.  "Old Photos" has a way of skipping about it while "Lifestyle Bloat" can feel more relaxing and celestial.   Though this is electronic in its nature, to some extent the way which the instrumentals are delivered reminds me of The Cancer Conspiracy as well.

It's somewhat funny that the last two songs as remixes are also noted as instrumental because this whole EP is instrumental.  The last two songs are also Bandcamp exclusive so this is one time when if you bought the cassette you would only get four songs.   I'd kind of like it if the cassette was the normal songs on Side A and then the four songs remixed on Side B, with that remix side being exclusive to the cassette, but I'm not the artist.

These are some songs which will hopefully help to lighten the mood and help you elevate your life style.   They just feel like hip hop because of the beats, but also so much lighter than that because it's like the sounds are floating around on air, only grounded by the beats.   It's hip hop, but with something else added and it just continues to impress me.  


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