Cassette Review //
Obelisk Ruins

Loud, ringing organ tones drone into start this cassette.  They are joined by beats and spoken words which take this one from a sense of calm right into a sense of funk.  There is a bass line back there as well to just keep everything cool.   A wood block can be heard and then the buzzing of a sax comes in to give this just an overall vibe like something that's borderline hip hop but not quite.   Something like taking a walk on the wildside.

This all drops off into this rhythm, which has echoes and just feels like we're expanding into something larger but also remaining quieter.  That distortion like a modem is still ringing back there as the beats return and the words do as well.   In some ways, this is a mix of Folk Implosion and P.M. Dawn but the percentages of each of those artists is likely not what you're thinking it is.   Notes ring through now, as if they're singing the word "father" and perhaps you will hear something else in it.

Words are saying "dreams" in different ways and then a faster brings up some electronics in a spiral way before we have the beats return one last time, briefly, with words and then everything comes to an end on the first side.  It seems like it took a lot of the sounds from throughout the cassette and put them into a blender to sort of give you a quick recap of them all right before the end of the first side.

On the flip side, the beats begin right away with the spoken words and there are pianos in here as well.   This is a really chill hip hop vibe.   Singing joins in with the spoken words and then everything gets quiet as we have a solo sound.   The beats return and it all just comes back to how it sounded at the beginning of this side, in that trance hip hop type of way.   The singing is also back here.   The intensity of the beats seems to kick up and this becomes quite the powerful song.

I can hear the drum kit come in now with the singing and other beats and it just feels like it's creating blast beats.   It's a lot of sounds coming together to make one and it can also just feel noisy.   The beats feel like hip hop but the rest of the sounds just take it to another level.   Everything gets quiet again and these tones come through in a droning way with the whirrs behind them.  

The sound coming through sounds like a sax but Bandcamp credits tells me there is no sax, but a bass clarinet, and so I'm going to go with that.   It comes through in this winding way, where you might hear it inside of a rock song like Bob Seger made all those many years ago.  In the end, it just sort of fades out, plays until it feels so off in the distance and you can't hear it anymore.  


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