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Alex Exists
"With A Bang"

The sound of Alex Exists is a dark synth pop and it has a lot of rock in it as well.  The music video for this song very much reminds me of rock n roll music videos from back when MTV would play such things.  There is also a storyline going on in this music video where at the end the main character is locked in the trunk of a car, so take that for what it's worth.

"With A Bang" is the idea of going out with a bang and this very much feels like an end of the world party anthem.  We all feel like the world is going to end in our time, mostly because we don't want to think about it going on without us, and this song just sets the tone for those events to where you can dance and be prepared for whatever comes next.

There is a line in here which I really like that says: "Surviving purely out of spite".  I feel like that is true of a lot of things: The United States Postal Service, Netflix, etc. but as a human I also believe the human race somehow collectively is surviving out of spite.  It feels like there's always something to predict our downfall and then that downfall never comes, so we somehow hang on just to show them that they were wrong.

Regardless of whether or not you believe the world is coming to an end soon, this is still just such a great party rock song.  Realizing that summer has just started, I could see this on playlists especially as the summer comes closer to its end because the end doesn't always have to be so apocalyptic, it could simply be about the end of summer and going back to school or into the real world.   Either way, do it with a bang.  


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