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Twilight Muse
"A Moment Out Of Time"

When listening to Twilight Muse, there is this distinct sound which combines rock music with undertones of country music.  This reminds me of a time in the late 1990's when artists would be popular doing this, like Sheryl Crow, Fastball, Cracker and the Wallflowers.   There are also elements of Fleetwood Mac and They Might Be Giants in here, as the album overall tends to lean towards being melodic.

Right away the album starts with "Dreamspace", which has acoustics in the guitar sound and electronics in the way it feels like a keyboard is coming in.   "Oh Mama" has piano keys and a saxophone, showing the range on this album.   I'm reminded of Tom Petty and at times I'm also reminded of Metric, as the name Twilight Muse always makes me think of that band as well.   There is just a drive to these songs that you have to hear.

The single "Electrify Me" is in the middle of this album while "Are You In?" has perhaps the strongest of the country undertones on it.  The last song, "Audacious", sings the name "Twighlight Muse", and while each song should be considered on an individual basis I do enjoy the line: "I'm between real livin' and livin' a lie", which is on "Oh Mama" and as it relates to matters of the family sometimes you just feel like you're somewhere in between.

Whether you're driving to the beach on a hot and sunny day or heading back home on a cool summer night in the dark, Twilight Muse has provided a soundtrack for all of life's adventures.  You can take the time to truly grasp what these songs are about lyrically, but also just to soak in how pleasant they are in a musical sense will leave you wanting more.  


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