Music Review //
"Younger Days"

Kasador has found a sound somewhere between rock n roll and country music, which at times reminds me of John Mellencamp and Counting Crows.   It just has that salt of the earth type of sound which some artists have tried to create but simply cannot be forced and Kasador just has that way of letting it come out naturally.

Through winding guitars and an easy going sound, Kasador sings about what the song title says: "Younger Days".   This can be catchy and I think it's easy enough to relate to because who among us does not feel old?  Even when you're in your 20s you begin to pay bills and feel like you miss those days when you didn't have to buy your own food and you thought electricity and water were just free.

There is a certain comfort which exists in our youth.  As the song says: "Everything was gonna be all right".  When you're younger you not only don't really feel worried about things as much but you also tend to feel like everything will work out for the best if something goes wrong.  Being young is the idea that your parents are older but they have it together and so when you get older, you'll have it together like them.

The reality is that not everyone who is a parent has it together and growing older doesn't mean that you will get it together either.  I think back a lot to my childhood when things didn't matter like they did as I got older.  It just always felt like there was food for me to eat and in my later years I'd have to budget my food for the week.  Little things like that become bigger things as we get older and this song is a pleasant way to remember it wasn't always like this.  


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