Live Music Review //
The Terrible Fates / Therese Masotta
June 15th, 2023
at The Cellar on Treadwell, Hamden CT

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This was our first time at The Cellar on Treadwell but it worked out that I saw them post about this show and it was a night we happened to be free.   I presented this idea to Quentin as a band singing about The Legend of Zelda and he was immediately in.  The show was all ages to the extent that kids had to be accompanied by an adult and more places should allow the youth in because it is often times the difference between me making it to a show or not (As in, I can't go to a 21+ show with Quentin, so often times I don't)

The Cellar on Treadwell is this really cool space with a bar and food.  It felt like a music club, but also it felt like a place you could just go and eat food while you share drinks with friends.   Quentin ordered food, I ordered drinks and just that aspect of this space was really nice and not something I'm used to in other places that I go.  I won't name names but I can think of at least one place that is usually 21+ but their bar is subpar.

Therese Masotta opened up this show with only an acoustic guitar and a voice.  The songs had this way where you feel like they would when you combine singing and the strumming of the acoustic guitar (folk) but at least one song broke down more into the blues and that Buddy Holly type of rock n roll sound.   The differences between the songs were apparent and this just felt like such a lovely set of songs to hear.

To close out the set, Therese Masotta said she woke up and wondered what would be worse than the band Nickelback and it was if she was every member of the band.  Which, to be fair, isn't true.   This ended up being a cover of the Nickelback song "How You Remind Me" (I think that's the title but I'm not looking it up) which was more upbeat and faster paced than the original.  Again, I'd listen to Therese Masotta sing these songs any day but when Nickelback comes on the radio I'm changing it (unless I'm really not sober)

The Terrible Fates were the headliners and their set was certainly something to behold.  With an acoustic guitar, a mandolin and their voices the duo brought to life songs that felt like they were both Medieval and from Middle Earth.   There was as much to the show in a live setting as there was to the music itself and for our first time seeing The Terrible Fates, it certainly will not be our last.

They played a song called "The Silent Hero", which is of course about Link.   They also played their new single, "Aim for the Eye", which had Therese Masotta come back on stage to accompany them.  This all acted out much like a play and I would glance over every so often to see Quentin laughing at the antics on stage.   This was one of the ways I really knew he was into this music.

After a few cover songs, The Terrible Fates closed with "Cut 'em in Three", which is a song that counts down and they even had lyric sheets for us to sing along with the countdown.  Quentin especially enjoyed the fifth part where he got to go "AHHHHHHHHH!!" and it is something that he also told me that he wants to go back and do again.  

You don't have to be into Dungeons & Dragons or Magic The Gathering to listen to The Terrible Fates, but it might help.  The fact that this type of music exists though, as someone who is into all things Middle Earth and adjacent, I just like that this is here for those who may have never knew they needed to hear it or could hear it before.   And I also enjoy that it feels like it's super kid-friendly because in some ways listening to it, experiencing it, just brings out your inner child and we all need that reminder once in a while.  

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