Music Review //
Sasha Prendes
"Shake This"

Right away this music video gives me Janet Jackson vibes, partly because of the way it is presented visually but also a little bit musically.   Watching it, I am taken back to a time when not only music videos were more in the spotlight but also just that time when artists would have songs with music videos and dance with them.  I know there are still some artists that do dance, but it doesn't feel as common as it once did.

The sound of Sasha Prendes is very chill.  There is a cross between pop and R&B in here which will make you want to dance, but at a moderate tempo.   It just feels so care-free while also moving.  And as the title suggests to "Shake This" it is both about the idea of dancing in the physical sense but also letting go of that which is weighing you down in the mental and emotional sense.  In some ways, this song is about dancing your problems away.

This idea also makes me want to go back to the 1990's with Mariah Carey and C&C Music Factory when music felt simpler but was also more complex somehow.   I feel like with Sasha Prendes there are those C&C Music Factory vibes where "Shake This" feels as straight forward as telling everybody to dance now, but the music, the underlying messages, it just all makes it feel accessible on the surface but it means so much more deep down.

"Shake This" is an upbeat anthem which should be on the radio and in every playlist this summer.  It is pop in the way that it can be popular for everyone to enjoy- there is something here for everyone.  But those added layers of depth just make this that type of song which thirty or more years from now we should still look back at as being ahead of its time as it channels the past and points us toward the future.