Music Review //
Marcus Lowry
"Hold You Tight"

Marcus Lowry demonstrates the power of an acoustic guitar on the song "Hold You Tight".  This song is about exactly what the title suggests and it is a pretty acoustic ballad with vocals.  As you can tell by watching this music video, the song is being performed at night and on the side of the road as well.  

There seems to be a connection between wanting to hold someone tight and being isolated on a highway while cars pass you by.  During this song, you can also hear the cars driving by, which makes it feel like it was recorded live in a way which might have been just set up-record and run before the cops show up.

Along with the humming, this song has the darkness of it not only visually but within the lyrics.   This song after all is about wanting to hold someone tight and not actually doing it, so that longing makes it feel sadder.   Though, at its core I suppose it is a love song, that type of acoustic rock n roll number influenced by Buddy Holly.

I think we've all been in a position where we've wanted to hold someone tight before, even if it wasn't always a person or in a literal sense.  But much like The Beatles wanted to hold your hand, Marcus Lowry seems to just want to hold you in general.  This is a nice song though because it feels sad but will hopefully result in happiness.  


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