Music Review //
Kodiak Arcade
"Grow Together"

The sound of Kodiak Arcade touches upon a few different genres just during this one song.  It can go from rock to pop to electronic all within a few seconds.  There is an overall sound of electronic pop, but it has elements of Blue October in it as well.  At times I can hear the melody of someone such as Jack Johnson just the same.

With big bass, you can hear the notes come down like stomping down the stairs at different times.  The percussion is also a key part to the music as at times it makes sounds which aren't typical drums but might be hitting on something like a wood block.   Through all of this also just comes a huge synth solo which makes it even more on the electronic side of things.

"Grow Together" is about the forming of a relationship, as the lyrics suggest with the line "say you feel it too".   There is this awkward time in life- no matter what age you are- when you meet someone and feel a certain way about them and then want to know if they feel the same way too.   In a lot of ways, being in a relationship is (or should be) growing together as we are constantly changing.  

As Kodiak Arcade seemingly crashes through the genre barriers they can create their own.  In the largest possible way this song reminds me of something you might hear from The Postal Service, but it is also just in that same way that The Postal Service broke new ground when they made music.  Whether you're starting a new relationship or just continuing one, this is a musical journey worth taking.  


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