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Twilight Muse

The sound of Twilight Muse comes out on "Forever" somewhere between Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd.  There is that smooth groove about this that makes me think of Fleetwood Mac or something along those lines, but then you can also hear synth sounds behind everything else and just in a general sense the song can feel somewhat trippy like Pink Floyd.  It just has that spatial way about it, as I imagine the open sky full of stars.

Twilight Muse has this way of creating a song which also happens to touch upon a subject that I enjoy because it could be about love but it doesn't have to be.  I like to read about and talk about things that seem kind of strange but are also sort of every day.  In this sense, it's the title- it's the word "Forever"- and the song itself says: "This is why there's a word for forever", which is something maybe you don't think about as much when you get older but can question with child-like wonder.

Thinking about forever is weird because it implies that life goes on without you and people don't like to think about that.   But isn't it odd that we have this word for something which doesn't exist but will hopefully exist in the future?  The way that the word forever holds such promise but also such uncertainty at the same time is what fascinates me about it all.  I truly hope that when people use this word they realize the weight that it carries, which is something I believe this song explores.

At times these beats just creep in so nicely and it makes the song have this overall drive you cannot really find within other songs these days.  The lyrics suggest: "Not goodbye / Not hello / Just forever" and if that doesn't make you think then I don't know what will.   This is a pleasant trip and it is one you should take as it explores something you're probably familiar with but never really stop to fully think about.  


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