CD Review //
The Marshals
"Le Ptit Cham Session"

For the first time since prior to the global pandemic of 2020, The Marshals have returned with new music.   If you are not ready to explore more of their blues rock sound then perhaps you haven't been in tune to the world because a lot of events have happened (and continue to happen) which make singing the blues feel appropriate right now.   These songs can feel like they have a harmonica even when it isn't there and on "Oh My" there are some great echoes.

While this album is mostly rocking, "Steal the Silence" slows things down a little bit.  "Howl" is a great anthem which sings about wanting to do just that and it feels like perhaps we are channeling some of those beat poets in these songs.   "New Dawn" has a lot of music over the vocals and at the end, "See the lightining", slows down and has that harmonica sound with those guitars as well.

I've felt for quite some time that The Marshals are the definitive modern band to look for when concerning blues music and just seems like we're moving into better times, both after the pandemic and in music as well, as The Marshals are certainly someone I could see going on tour with Robert Jon & The Wreck.   The way the modern scene of blues is just continuing to grow is impressive and for all we've been through these past few years it seems even more important than ever before.  


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