Music Review //
Chris Cretella & Brian Slattery
"The Flowers of Boredom"

If you're like me, odds are that the only thing you really know about Django type of music is because of the Quentin Tarantino movie.   I always associate that old western type of sound but in such a specific way with that film, and for this album the team of Chris Cretella and Brian Slattery have made an album inspired by Django but with a more modern twist on it as well.   

"Diminushing" is this great song that is what I imagine this sound is supposed to be.  It's that idea of an old black and white cartoon with some cowboy in it trying to do something slapstick like ride a horse.   It picks up beyond that and goes off in other directions, but the way the guitar is picked combined withe the strings of the violin just truly creates something special here.  The sound on this song also seems to find its way back home.

At times the way the violin comes through can really feel like we're in the South, like a ho-down, but there is just this sound here and it's what I think of when I hear a certain type of western guitar, but this is something more than that as well.  This is really something created with strings that should be heard by everyone just to know what these two instruments are capable of and it's also just really fun and calming.  


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