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There is a very easy connection to be made within this song and the United States healthcare system, so if you want to go there you very much can but I'm not going to because I would probably write far too much about this country's treatment of its people.   That being said, this is still a song that I think reflects the every day life of people and that needs to be discussed more.   Yes, you should be medicated for things like anxiety and depression, but life on a daily basis is just difficult and sometimes you need help with that as well.

While there might be a modern music comparison in here to make, maybe along the lines of Metric, I hear a lot of Sheryl Crow, Fleetwood Mac and especially that Cyndi Lauper era of music.  There is a synth pop rock sound, but there are guitars and with that all coming together the music just makes that magical feeling.   It can feel like chillwave and before the end there is this nice guitar solo which can just help you drift away into the galaxy.

Some of the lyrics which really stand out in this song include "Sanity is miles away" and "Is there a remedy for my every day".   The title goes into the line "It doesn't matter how hard I try" and in that sense, whether or not you've been medicated before there is just that underlying theme of doing something which isn't working and trying to find a better way about it.    This also comes down to that idea that everyone is different but yet in many ways we're all treated the same.  What might be right for one person might not be for the next person.

"THE DRUGS AREN'T WORKING" feels like a really laid back late night summer jam.  The music is just there with the lyrics and it feels like it's all working together so well.  But then the way that this song also addresses a bigger issue, not just in this country but in general, is important because it's something which I feel like we really need to be more open about.   People shouldn't think of asking for help as a shameful thing and hopefully this song can help to lift that stigma.  


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