Cassette Review //
(Tetryon Tapes)

The raw power of Mallwalker is truly something to behold.   Somewhere between rock n roll, punk and hardcore come sounds which make me think back to a time when punk rock was dangerous.    These songs make me think about when this type of music could get a venue shut down simply because people would complain that it was too loud.

Even just listening to the song "Shit Talk" is enough to get you stirred up, but then thinking about these lyrics can put your mind into this state where you realize maybe the person doing the shit talking is the piece of shit.   This takes us into a song called "Wet Spot", which addresses not wanting to sleep in the wet spot on the bed after sex and I don't think anyone has ever really talked about that before.

On the first side of this cassette you get the recordings of these songs.  The flip side has live recordings of them and also includes the songs "job" and "hot tip", which don't have the Side A versions.   What really struck me was that this live recording was from all the way back in 2018 and the album on Side A is actually from 2019.

Sadly, this cassette is a memorial as Sarah Danger Underhill is no longer with us.   Mallwalker just feels like such a rare breed of band that would've played CBGB's back in the day.  To know that they came and went without my knowing about them until now makes me sad, but knowing that this type of music is here to hopefully influence more people is a bright sign for the future.  


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