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Francisco Martin

Right away I like this song because I've known a Lily in a very literal sense of the word.  The lyrics of this song discuss Lily, who has treated the singer wrong but they stay together.  They'd rather work things out even though Lily has him losing his mind.  It's a situation that if you've been in it, then you'll know about it right away.

Lines like "Is it too much to say you're wrong" hit home for me and if you're in a relationship where someone won't change or can't change to help not only make the relationship better but also to better themselves as a person, then you might want to get out.  The song doesn't clearly come to a conclusion, it just asks why, but this is the type of relationship where it is okay to leave rather than try and work it out.

As the music seems to be questioning reality, the song itself has a soulful type of Bohemian vibe with elements of jazz and the blues.  In some ways, on the surface, more than anything else this is most like the blues because it's even got that down to the lyrics.   Artists like Nelly Furtado and Norah Jones come to mind in terms of comparisons here.

But one thing which does make this different than blues songs is that it does feel rather upbeat in the delivery.   There are definite pop elements to it.   So if you ever feel like you're stuck in a relationship where trying to improve it is like punching a brick wall then this song is here to comfort you, guide you through it and as a reminder that you are not alone. 


  1. Glad you dig! Thanks for the review and your time, Joshua. x


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