Music Review //
"Shout Out Loud"


On the song "Shout Out Loud", MSB has these soft electronics and a sound which reminds me of Tom Petty or Milky Chance.   As we hit what could be considered the chorus, the guitar grows louder and it has that fuzzy MPLS sound.   This electric guitar can also make me think of Don Henley and just that specific era of musicians.

With a little bit of folk influence, the song has lyrics such as: "We go on / pretending it's fine", which just goes to show that there is a problem but it is being ignored.   I'm not sure why people do this, I'm not even why sure I did it, but often times we overlook our problems out of fear of losing our comfort and safety.  We'd rather let things fester than make a scene.

But at MSB explains in this song: "Then I shout it all out loud".   That's the thing about emotions.   You can bottle it up as long as you can try, but eventually it's going to come out.  If you wait and wait, then you end up shouting out loud instead of having a normal conversation which could be more likely to resolve it.

As this song begins somewhat quiet, discussing the remaining quiet, it grows quite louder and becomes more of a forced rock n roll when you hear the end about shouting out loud.  The general vibe of the song switches with the lyrics and I do enjoy that because if you're feeling like you want to address something but can't see to bring yourself to do it, hopefully by the end of this song you'll find that courage.  


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