Music Review //
Butterfly Black

Listening to the sound of Butterfly Black takes me right back to a very specific point in the 1990's when I was listening to a lot of R&B type of music on cassette.   Styles like PM Dawn, TLC and others come to mind but there was also this subset of musicians that people might not even remember.    With soulful synth, I hear some Paula Abdul right away and this just has a fun vibe to it while maintaining its composure.

As a duo, Butterfly Black can take turns singing but can also come together and sing at the same time.   With pulsating beats and a guitar solo at the end this feels like a cross between pop and jazz, definitely a sound more common in the '90's than today but one I've sorely missed.   A little bit of funk can be found in here as well, just to further demonstrate the depths of this song while making it more difficult to pin down a genre.

The music video for BRB makes me think of the 1990's.  From the style of clothing, to the glasses being flipped up which will always make me think of Dwayne Wayne, there is also just activities happening like rollerskating and by the end the visuals look like a VCR and Polaroids.   Much of this song shows the two leaving a hotel room but during a spoken word portion it discusses them staying in and that's what the song is really about.

In this world we often times always feel like we have to go and do something.  But sometimes just staying in, just spending that time one-on-one with another person or alone is what we need as well.  I really enjoy that message being combined with this sound that we should really be hearing more modern variations of but Butterfly Black has managed to keep it alive in the best possible way.  


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