Music Review //
Duke & Goldie
"See You There"

Duke & Goldie have created a slow and winding song filled with acoustics and a powerful voice.   There aren't really a lot of artists to compare this song with, as it has those acoustic / Americana / folk types of sounds but then the vocals come in and just put it into a category all its own.  While there might be some singer/song-writer type in a large scale to compare this with, it's also like the slower songs of Lana Del Rey though not completely.

While the song sings about wanting to see you there, it isn't always clear as to where there is exactly.   But this music video is in nature, looking like old film, as you can see both the woods, the beach and a campfire.   It's just about getting back to your roots and being outdoors and I really like that as a visual because far too often we spend too much time inside, sometimes out of need.

One lyric I particularly enjoy is "There can never be too many of us".  It makes me think, in regards to this video, that people should leave their city homes and a lot of technology behind to move out into nature.  What a sight that would be and how it would affect so much of what makes this society go right now!  It would be a grand uprising for sure and it'd be nice to see within my lifetime.

But whether you are going as a single person or planning a revolution, "See You There" remains a delightful song which you can hopefully not only appreciate yourself but share with someone else.  In this way, I think we can say "See You There" to our friends, families, etc. to spend more time with each other while also reconnecting with nature.  This song can hopefully inspire that within us all.  


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