Thursday, June 15, 2023

Music Review //
Shane Ghostkeeper
"I Know How"


Regardless of what type of music you like and don't like, I feel like this song by Shane Ghostkeeper comes on so fast that it's just the type of sound you have to get on board with.  At its heart, "I Know How" is a country song, but it's fast paced and not what I would consider the traditional sound by any means.

In some ways this song can remind me of Brian Setzer and in other ways it has those deep guitar notes which make think about Johnny Cash.   Mostly though, I like this song because even though it feels like something which might be part of a dance sequence I don't understand it just has this rhythm to get you up and going.  I know that the country sound is in there, but the overall sound is just too infectious for me to be put off by it.

What I find interesting about this video is that it centers around people shopping for cowboy boots and fancy shirts.   At the end, there is the visual of the music being played and the people are dancing, but I often times forget that this entire scene of music exists where people put on cowboy boots and these specific type of shirts to go and dance in a similar manner with those around them.   

Seeing this all come together with the sounds made me think back to when Big Bad Voodoo Daddy brought swing music (and style) back into the mainstream.  I could imagine this being something where you might not live the lifestyle all the time but one Saturday night a month you go out and see the Shane Ghostkeeper show and have to dress up for it.  I also just really like that this reminds me of Johnny Cash because we need more music like that in the world.  

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