Music Review //
Erin Hunt
"Won't Give Up"

When the song "Won't Give Up" first begins it has this soft, acoustic and soothing way about it.   It feels peaceful and the visuals jump through nature and enhance that sense of calm.  There are stretches of sky, the eyes through a kaleidoscope and then just the water washing ashore.   The way that this song and visuals are connected on the same page just make this a whole new level of experience.

This song is about what the title says- not giving up- but it isn't straight forward and rather gets there through some history.   The lines "Now that my wars are over / truth is tumbling fast" really help to show what this song is about.  In our lives, we all face hardship and we all struggle at times.  But it is within those struggles that we find out what we're made of and what we are capable of overcoming.

With the lyrics, Erin Hunt tells the story that the past will only define us in the sense that it will show us we have survived worse and shall overcome what life throws at us next too.   This is a rather important message because I feel as if we spend too much time looking forward to what we have yet to do and not enough time looking back at how far we've come.   This song is a gentle reminder for all of us.

Electronics find their way into this song towards the end as the pace picks up along with the intensity.   You can see the visuals change as well, as the river is rushing and we are sent out into the cosmos.   The message is repeated at the end of the song with the command that forces attention upon it: "We don't give up" and "I won't give up".   This is the positive encouragement we should all seek out to absorb.  


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