Music Review //
The Weather Holds
"Five Roses"

"Five Roses" begins with the lines "I wrote a song called Five Roses / Cause there's nothing left to sing about" and that describes how this song is about all of the songs already being sung.   There are acoustics in here, which come out with such beauty that at times they remind me of folk but other times they're just beyond that.

Piano keys come into this song as well, as there are two vocalists.   The line "I wrote a song" gets repeated in here and in some ways it feels like parts of this song such as that line are just recorded and looped back to form what ultimately becomes this song.  I think that The Weather Holds could sit down and record this song live, but the way it also just feels pieced together makes it feel as if it drives the point home more.

With the acoustics in here, there isn't a lot else to compare this with and that also comes down to the style of song it is.  This leans more towards the type of rock song that would typically be electric but instead was played acoustic over the idea of folk or folk punk.   There is something deeply emo about this song as well and in that way it very much reminds me of Straylight Run.

I often think about how everything that anyone could want to do has already been done, and there have probably been songs about it before, but I think people should keep trying to do something different because every once in a while I will find something.   This song just has this puzzle piece way about the sound but it also has the melody which can completely bring you in and not let go, so for that it is quite special.  


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