Music Review //
"Blonde Hair Now"

MOONRIIVR have created a song which has taken me back to a time when Elvis Presley was still alive.  It's that crooner and swooner sort of sound, like the song "Teen Angel" as it has that doowop and bebop.   "Blonde Hair Now" just feels like the type of song that has people in leather coats, greased back hair and ready to open up a switchblade and race you towards the end of a cliff until one of you either chickens out or drives off.

This music video takes place in a barbershop and it circles around showing the different members of MOONRIIVR playing this song.  I like this aspect of it being sort of live, as it is being played while the audio goes, because it shows what actually goes into the song that makes it sound this way.  The percussion surprised and impresses me.   Also, having this in a barbershop feels appropriate since it is about dying your hair.

While the song sings "You've got blonde hair now", it is also perhaps about something deeper.  Someone changing their hair color can be an artistic expression or just something people do because they're bored.   But this song makes it feel like the changing of the hair color is a big life change where not only does the hair color change but something about the person changes.  This is something discussed by society in general ideas such as "blondes have more fun".

I really enjoy this music video and it's just such a slow but meaningful song.  Even if you've never dyed your hair before, you must know someone who has gone through a change or perhaps you yourself have gone through the change.   And I feel like this song really represents that.  It's about someone you know (maybe you) changing and how that affects others around you.  That change might be good, it might not be, but that is up to you to decide.  


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