Music Review //
"Dream Aloud"

The sound of Feathership is one of pop rock with big drums that you might hear on the radio today.   It's got these break downs with strings and just feels like such a fun song, but such  radio-friendly song as well.  While not overly catchy, it just has this way about it that's inviting and non-threatening so you can play it at any time music was welcome and it would fit right in.

As interested as I am in the different ingredients which come together to make up this sound, I'm also fascinated by this music video.  Right away the animation reminds me of The Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit animated films as there is something very Ralph Bakshi about it all.  The way that the music and images line up as well just makes it feel that much more special.

I had to look at the linear notes of the music video to see exactly where this footage came from and it was sourced from several older movies and I like that about it.  If there is something out there as a visual that isn't well known or maybe forgotten, this practice of adding current music to it can give it a second life.

"Dream Aloud" makes reference to New Year's Eve and this feels like it could become a popular song to play on that date.   There's also this line about "Everybody's singing in these battle lines" and it makes me feel like we're on this mission but we're also singing about it, like Robin Hood.  Music might just be the key to unite us all.