Music Review //
Phillip Vonesh
"Fly Over State"

If you're unsure as to whether or not you live in a fly over state, odds are that you probably do.   The fact that I've spent most of my life living in Connecticut, which most people use as a means of getting from NYC to Boston, has me relating with this song for sure.   In this song, Phillip Vonesh compares himself with being the fly over state and wonders how he can become the destination.

With these slow tones like The Wallflowers' "6th Avenue Heartache", Phillip Vonesh makes me think about what it's like to live in a fly over state.   Knowing for so long that so many people use Connecticut as a means to get to somewhere else and most musicians when touring don't even come here, you have to wonder how that has affected me (and others) growing up without even realizing it.

As the lyrics say "I'm used to being used" and I think about a state like California, which many people seem to want to move from the east coast to be a part of.  But what if you lived in California and life wasn't good?  Where would you want to go from there?  At least now, at least being in a fly over state, you can have that hope to cling to of things being better elsewhere and maybe you can be there one day.

Regardless of where you live, I think we've all felt at one point in our lives like we were the background actors in a play and we want to be the main character.  Yes, we are the main characters in our own stories, but what about the stories of others?  How do we make them see our worth?  And the answer is, you really can't, they just have to see it.  But until then, all you can do is think maybe things are the way that they are for a better reason.  


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