Music Review //
Crazy Arm
"Floating Bones"

Back in the late 1990's going into the early 2000's there existed this brand of punk rock that I just don't seem to hear as much today.   Bands like No Use For A Name were at the front of it, as you could listen to different Punk-O-Rama and Fat Wreck Chords compilations and hear these types of bands.   

With the punk rock came some rock, with guitar solos as well as crunchy chords.  Some of the bands were not always on the "cool punk" labels either and instead were not as greatly remembered like Shades Apart.  But this is that punk rock with the emphasis on the word *rock* sound that I love and Crazy Arm has brought it back here.

There also just seemed to be this idea that playing punk meant playing badly and Crazy Arm certainly has a lot of musical talent, which shows during this song.   But lines like "I can't back down / We won't back down" still embrace that rebellion which began punk rock all those years ago.  And so even though this might have too much skill to be punk in some ways, it still seems to hold those ideas to be true.

As seems to be the case with a lot of punk songs as well, you can really sit down and listen to this one and examine the lyrics, reading more into them than you probably should.  At the same time, this one is just loud and fast so you can tune out the lyrics if you choose and just use it to let out some aggression, whether at home or even in a live setting would be so much fun.  


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