Music Review // Tennyson King & Lindi Ortega "Where I Make My Home"

  The sound of Tennyson King & Lindi Ortega is one of acoustic folk music with melodies.  They both sing at the same time and this just has that slow crawl to the sound.   It's mellow and just feels like the type of song you would hear in nature for some reason.  In some ways, I feel like it's neither really slow nor fast but just moves at its own pace, creating its own speed.

As there are two people singing at the same time this can be one to listen to the words even more easily.   The lyrics will tell you that "Happiness is more or less where I make my home".   This is an interesting lyric and concept for the song because, yes, you want to be happy where you live.  Whether it is an apartment, house, cabin in the woods, RV, etc-- you want to be happy there.  But this just seems also like it's about more than just the physical space.  Home can be a state of mind.

During this music video there are a lot of outdoors and nature type things happening.  Dogs are there, streets are there, sheep are there- it's really more of a woodsy / country feel than the big city.   When you think of home as a physical address, you have to often sometimes think about the surroundings.  Where you call home isn't just four walls, but it's that community surrounding them and in this case the countryside.

Whether you think of this song as referring to home in a physical sense or mental state, the message remains the same.  You want to be happy but in many ways you also make your own happiness.   It just feels like that whole idea of being surrounded by things and people you love will make you happy more than having a house worth millions of dollars.   Happiness is a feeling- something you can't always touch- and so home should be the same way.  


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