Music Review // Erik Lankin "Feathers and Wax"


The music of Erik Lankin is so moving and beautiful.   Through mostly pianos, this sound comes out and whenever I hear audio such as this I always imagine the visuals that could go with it.   In this case though, Erik Lankin has a music video to go with this audio and as such the whole thing just feels like such a perfect short film.

In black and white with movements like sand and wind, the mood is somber and the tone just comes out all around.   There is an image of a person, such as a woman, but it quickly disappears, turning into the sand.  There is also a bird, a bird which flues with a purpose and carries most of this story.   There really is a story here as well, so as much as you might like to put this song on in an audio only way to clean the house or relax, there is something to be said for watching the video also.

Beautiful strings come into this before the end.   This has a very strong neoclassical type of sound and on its own this song is just something you should be listening to, adding to your playlist to perhaps shake things up.   With this music video though, it really does become the score for a film.  I always imagine these types of scenarios in my head while listening to the music and now Erik Lankin has done the heavy lifting and created those visuals for me.

With this video being a moving black and white it makes it feel more like something from the silent film era.  It's not quite live action though, as it crosses between something from Chaplin and something animated in that time as well.  It's just very stunning visually and I do feel as much as this is a song for your ears it's also an experience for your eyes at the same time.  


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