Music Review // Emmett Jerome "Goodbye Trouble"


"Goodbye Trouble" begins quieter but it doesn't take long to kick in.  Emmett Jerome has this sound somewhere between that deep South country music and just good old fashioned rock n roll.   The overall sound is just full of so many guitars it's not easy for me to put it into one genre or the other, but like artists who have come before Emmett Jerome this just feels to be somewhere in between the two.

As Emmett Jerome says "Goodbye Trouble" the next line is "Leaving me behind".   This creates the sense of this being a road song, such as artists like Golden Earring have made.   In a literal sense it feels like you've done something to where you've got to get out of town, so you're packing up your belongings and heading for the highway.  

At the same time, this song can be metaphorical.   You may not have to be leaving a physical place in the sense of an address but rather that place is just your state of mind or somewhere your mind goes when that trouble finds you.  Leaving that behind is more difficult in ways than up and leaving town, but either way, whichever you might be about to do, this seems to be the song to listen to while you do it.

There is also a line in this song I really like that says: "Lord knows where we're bound".  Whether you're hitting the open road without a destination or it's something like quitting your job without knowing where your next paycheck will come from, sometimes you just have to take those chances.   As seems to be a strong point in this song, it is better to venture out into that uncertainty than it is to stay with the trouble.  


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