Cassette Review // Zachary Hickerson & Thomas Milovac "The Abject Audacity" (Personal Archives)

This cassette begins with what sounds like the buzzing in the Flight of the Bumblebee.  Notes come out one at a time, with bass, as other squeaks come through like a duck call.  As there is this sound of bass notes being plucked the other sound can come through like a baby screaming.  It's very loud and unsettling.   Horns come screeching through and the loudness of this all now makes it feel animalistic.

As that one sound comes blaring through again, you can hear the bass line walking behind it.   Another sound is made as well, as there are two loud sounds in front of the bass.   The bass drops into a deeper place now, like JAWS.   That loud, grainy screaming type sound returns and I almost think of it being like an ostrich.   Everything gets quiet now.   Dings and it sounds like a lightbulb dropped.   A soft saw.   Some loudness now from what sounds like a sax.  A flurry of notes now.  

The sax is coming through now and I'm beginning to wonder if that's what was making all the sounds I've heard thus far other than the bass.  If so, that's impressive for the saxophone.   It's funny for me to say this, but I have a "Bigfoot call", which is like a duck call but for Bigfoot (I think I got it at a dollar store once upon a time) and that's what this part of the cassette really reminds me of-- someone blasting away on that thing.  

On the flip side it feels like a gong hits and then a sound similar to that animal sound from the first side is slowly being released.   Eventually, this just turns into banging and it even sounds like piano keys are in here as everything is just being blasted all at once.   A "Woo!" now.   Chaos at the piano now.   We squeak through like that duck call now and then the pianos hit these dark notes of doom.

There is singing now- la la la types of sounds- as the pianos continues to come through so desolate and bleak.   As the duck call type sound comes out, at times it can just feel like it's air being let out of a balloon.   But if you take it one step further, it can even begin to feel like air is being let out of the human body, as someone is slowly breathing their last breath, and at the end this sort of dooming piano key smash comes on and you can feel the sound just fade to black.  


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