Music Review // Caméra "Carrousel"

This song quietly begins with woodwinds, sounding as if the dawn is bringing up the sun.  Video game- sort of Pong- tones drop in.   A magical sound comes in behind all of this.   Then some higher tones join in, which just make it feel like we're stepping from cloud to cloud.   There is also an underlying music box feeling to this song.   Strings come in, drawing out more of the drama.  This feels like someone growing up the same way a new grows with each sunrise.

Strings come in rather dramatically now.  I'm thinking of visuals for this along the lines of a Wes Anderson film but like "Fantastic Mr. Fox", where it might be stop motion.  I imagine a little mouse- such as Calico Critters- going about his day from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed.   Sounds are fragmented and also rain down before becoming bigger, bolder.

In some ways as you hear the strings come together it can feel like a grand dance.  A little bit of that trickling down feeling again before the song reaches its end.   This is actually the first song on the new album by Caméra and so there is also just that feeling within here of this song being about beginnings and the start of things because it's taking you into the album.

I really want to find some specific Calico Critters, go through and print out background scenes (or just use a green screen) and create a stop motion video for this song.  It would be so perfect, but I just don't have the time right now.  Still, I hope everyone sees something within these sounds and even if the visuals don't become a reality at least they can exist within our minds.  


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