Music Review // Sam Weber "Kind Dog"


Sam Weber has created a song called "Kind Dog" which I would expect to hear in some smokey bar somewhere.   You would have to be lost, wandered into the wrong side of town and you just find the only place that's open at this hour of the late night (or early morning) and you're just looking for a phone to call a tow truck because you got a flat tire and your cell phone needs to charge.   

As you open the door, you see someone on stage singing this song and playing the piano, a little bit like Billy Joel and a little bit like Lou Reed.  There is a bassist behind him, playing that tall stand up bass and there is also a drummer in the back you missed at first glance.  The song is slow moving, but you stop and listen to the words.  There is a big ballad feeling to it and it also feels important, like there is a message to take away here.

The lines that really hit home are: "I'll meet you 'cross the river / I'll meet you where you stand" because you wish you had someone like that there for you.   It's quite the rare thing to see these days- people being there for other people.  People want other people to be there for them- it's why you get AAA and such- but nobody really wants to be there for anyone else any more so this song has a nice sentiment.

By the end the drums really kick in to make sure you know they're there.    While "Kind Dog" tells a story it also does more than that.  It becomes a feeling.  It takes you in on a rainy night and helps you get dry before sending you back out when it's done raining.   There is just a level of comfort within this song that can't really be found in a lot of human interactions any more and I think we really need that.  


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