Music Review // Christina Kennedy "Echoes Of Us"


Christina Kennedy has created such a unique sound on this EP, it crosses borders between rock, pop, R&B and a little something extra.   Drum machine beats start things off with the song "Close To You".   This feels a little more soft spoken but it's melodic and somewhere between Avril and Lana.    This takes us into "All Night" which is an acoustic guitar and whispy vocals.  A rapper comes in and does his thing as well.

On the third song we have big pianos and mmm's, as "Waltz Lullaby" says to "Lay down your head and rest your weary heart".  Putting this song in the middle of this EP might seem like an odd choice, but when you think about it coming after the song that said "I want your body right on my body" it makes sense.  This also feels like it splits the EP in half in ways, as the first three songs are a Side A to the record.

"3AM" begins and just takes us into this big build.  "Heaven Only Knows" says "It's okay to cry" and carries on the theme of crying from "3AM".    Big pianos also overtake "Heaven Only Knows", carrying it out like a ballad.   A ukulele type of sound brings in "Goodbye" which seems only fitting as the last song on "Echoes Of Us".    While these all feel like love songs, "Goodbye" is a song about saying goodbye at least "for now".  As the song says: "I'm so sorry for the things that I said / I better leave before I say them again"

What makes "Echoes Of Us" such a special EP is that no two songs sound alike, they all have their unique sound to them, but they still have that overall quality (which can sometimes just be the voice of Christina Kennedy) which ties them all together.  If you listen to the songs enough, and really study the lyrics, they can all create a story in that way as well.   These songs are exceptional individually but also as part of the whole.  


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