Cassette Review // CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP "CYBERVIOLENCE 1+2" (Big Money Cybergrind)

There is definitely a certain sound to CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP that shows it is not for everyone.   Some people are simply not going to listen to this because of how loud and abrasive it is.   But I love the idea of this being played live or even just putting it on inside of a record store and seeing who walks out.  Sometimes, art should make you feel uncomfortable.  Sometimes art should have that way about it where it isn't for everyone.

The first side begins asking about decapitation and I've seen enough documentaries about people being buried alive to know that there are worse fates.   This hits hard and it hits fast.  You have to imagine all of the instruments being used not only cranked up to their maximum volume but for the most part also to their maximum speed.  

There are moments where it slows down.  You can hear beats or big metal guitar riffs.   Through elements of punk, hardcore and just something else this really has that feeling of coming through in this simple form- where it just feels like you're running into a brick wall- but there are a lot of complex pieces putting this puzzle together.

I've listened to enough music in my life to know what is pop and radio friendly.  I've heard many songs that I feel like the majority of people wouldn't be offended by- the type of songs you could put in your playlist and people would ask "What's this?" because it's just so pleasant.  "CYBERVIOLENCE 1+2" is the opposite of that.  Not radio friendly, something people might ask you to turn off and definitely not for all listeners.  But that's what makes me love it even more.  


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