Music Review // Mike Evin "The Ham In You"


This is such a funny song because it's about what the title says but also it's about a break up.   As the pianos begin this song and carry the tune, the vocals of Mike Evin come to explain how he will miss certain aspects of this other person, since they are no longer together.  One of the things he says in the chorus is "I hope he brings out the ham in you".   

The lyrics start with "Right now, it stings / To know I'll never hear you sing / In the shower, out of tune".   This is an example of how someone can bring out the ham in someone else.   I think in relationships we get personal and when we're in public we're more reserved, and with good reason.  So to think about this in the sense of "ham" might feel strange but it's just about someone showing you that side of themselves that they only show you.

With the way social media is these days I think the lines are getting even more blurred, but we should have two faces- one which is our own and one which we show to the world.  It's why when the cashier at the stores ask how you are you smile and say "I'm okay" and don't go into your whole backstory.  Though, again, there are people these days who will confess all of their sins to those who might not want to hear them.

But sometimes when you're in a relationship you let your guard down and you let that other person see your true face.   So this song is about not getting to see that side of the other person any more.   Mike Evin also goes through numerous wardrobe changes during this music video, which feels in some way like this song is bringing out the ham in him.  


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