Music Review // Grizzly Coast "Sweet"


I really enjoy this dreamy sound as it seems like it's somewhere between Concrete Blonde and the softer ballads of Slothrust.    The way that Grizzly Coast can combine the past with the present just makes this sound that much more appealing and it just has this overall inviting way about it, as it doesn't seem to be too harsh or in your face.

As this song seems to be down tempo, where it almost feels sad and gloomy, the lyrics are that of someone living with regret.   Right away there is a line: "I still think of you" and then the chorus goes into: "I let you go / Never phoned your home / Or tried to hold / What wasn't mine".   This also makes it feel like this song is about letting go in the sense that you know when you need to and so you do.

The verse of "In the nosebleeds / I'm at peace / With the years / I had a courtside seat" can be related to both something romantic and something else.  On one hand, maybe you went to school with this person, sat near them in class and had that courtside seat but now you've gone in different directions and only see them from afar because you're not really a part of their life any more.   At the same time I can think of this in a similar way to a local band blowing up and getting bigger.

Whether a band or just someone you somehow knew on a more individual level, the fact is that people can come into our lives and leave, which can leave us feeling a certain way.  It's not quite sad and it's not quite regret and it isn't even a longing but sometimes you do just miss that person and what they were to you back then.   Is it nostalgic?  Maybe.  But it's definitely part of growing up.  


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