Cassette Review // Negligible Wound "try to get them in the water" (Black Ring Rituals Records)

This starts with an audio clip about a news story- told through various voices- about a woman who fell in a pond and died, not by drowning but because of an alligator.   This whole warning about alligators (Are you listening, Florida?) takes us into this somewhat industrial, electronic distortion cloud.   Whirrs take us into some sharpness and this is harsh noise, but not the harshest of noises.   It does get quite sharp though.   This does feel like a guitar riff that's just going out of control.

An audio clip now about how it's mating season so people should know to stay out of the water near alligators and some sharp beeps drop us off into this deep wave of distortion.  Beeping comes out through this blast and it feels like an alarm as well.  This is definitely that type of sound that will get people to stop and take notice, especially if it's coming from somewhere you wouldn't expect it.  Hopefully then you can get them to listen to the warnings about alligators.  Echoing like sonar now as beeps bring through the distortion.

As we go into a steady ringing now, it feels like it's swaying back and forth as there also are sounds coming through which could be screams.   This all takes us into this dark sort of Atari Pole Position drone where it just feels like we have that type of video game glitching.   The tones go back and forth and fire shots into space.   A little bit of a sound like a horn now, coming through in that skramz way.   The frequency changing turns into the sound of a car starting but it just kind of gets stuck.   The beeping grows steady as the first side reaches the end.

On the flip side we begin with this hollow type of scraping sound which takes us into more audio clips about people killed by alligators.   This one is about a two year old at Disney World who was attacked and killed by an alligator.   There is a calm yet ominous tone to this music now, like we're just floating in the water on a raft, the waves guiding us, but there's that element of suspense where something could change at any moment.   They talk now about how the dad tried to rescue his son but the alligator was just too strong.

"But the alligator was just too strong" repeats now.   A scrambling of horns now, so wild jazz if you will.   Deep distortion bombs drop off now.   Swirling words come through.   There is a certain NASCAR feel to this now, but it also just feels like we're running away from alligators on those high speed boats through swamp lands.  For all I know though, maybe alligators don't like the swamps and that's more of a crocodile thing.   I can't tell them apart, but I stay away from them either way.    We ride into a deep synth wave now.  

Words come in behind and then this louder blast comes through it all.   As a beep brings this to an end they talk about trying to get into the water and I just don't understand how people don't fear places alligators can live.  I'm in Connecticut (too cold for them) but am still on the lookout when at the beach.  People can say there hasn't ever been an alligator here but I'm also not going to be the first one to get killed by one in this state.  


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