Music Review // Royal Castles "I Don't Think I Like You"


In this life you're going to learn that it's impossible to please everyone.  There are just too many people out there.  If you've ever gone onto Twitter and looked up a topic, you can find opposing views on it very easily.   This can actually be proven easily right now by just going onto Twitter and looking at the search results for Jerry Seinfeld, who has a new movie out called "Unfrosted".   As many tweets exist saying that they love the movie and thought it was funny seem to be tweets saying the opposite.

"I Don't Think I Like You" is an upbeat, melodic song with a drum machine sound and great bass line.   If someone was going to tell me that they didn't like me, I would hope they would do it with a song that sounds like this.   And on a level above just the idea that there are going to be people out there that you don't like, this song could be used to tell someone you're breaking up with them, you don't want to be friends any more, etc.   It just will show that person you're cutting them out of your life because you don't like them.

This music video starts with one person in a room, another person with a briefcase enters the room, they have a dance off and then the person who didn't come in with the briefcase leaves with it.   The symbolism here, to me, is that just because you don't like someone doesn't mean you can't co-exist with them.  This was a way to peacefully solve an issue with a resolution that did neither harm.  Whether it be someone you have to see in school still or work with but you don't like them, this just shows how you can still exist in the same space.

Whether you think about it in that broad, worldly type of sense of why can't we all get along- not to have to like each other but just to co-exist and live together to some extent- to something much more personal like a specific relationship and break up, Royal Castles seems to cover it all here.   Next time you need to tell someone that you don't like them, perhaps just send them this video instead.  


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