Music Review // Bodywash "Kind of Light"


"Kind of Light" begins with this acoustic percussion sound which creates a steady rhythm.   This is an overall upbeat electronic sound, instrumental, and steady moving with the rhythm.  Borderline vaporwave, this feels like a chill beats type of song as well, one you could put on just to relax.  

As the pace goes, there is this part about 2/3 of the way through where a laser blast comes through and though this is instrumental you can hear these wah-wah-wah type of sounds as well, which can almost come out like words.   Though it maybe brief and not a specific type of vocal sound, you could sort of sing along with parts of this song.

This song certainly has a few different feelings.  It could be part of a video game for sure.  At the same time, it could be that instrumental number between two other songs which are hip hop and have lyrics to them which can either have singing, rapping or both.   On that same note it could also be the type of song that just sits in between two faster paced, heavier hitting songs and connects them for the greater good of the album.

With these swirling images that often maintain shades of blue and look like the ocean, there are also VCR lines on the screen during this music video.  I believe in diversity in music to the point where I would put this song on a playlist- even a video playlist- in between something rap and something pop just to keep it fresh and mix it up a little.  


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