Music Review // Atomic Junkshot "Dirt Roads"

While the song "Dirt Roads" has a very distinct sound to it, that sound is also reflected in the lyrics of Atomic Junkshot.   Somewhere between Lynyrd Skynyrd and Lou Reed's Wildside, Atomic Junkshot brings out these winding guitars for an almost-twang sound but it's slow and plodding.   The closest sound I can really compare this with is that classic Southern rock sound, though it is not completely that.

The lyrics on "Dirt Road" really help to shape the sound.  When I think of a dirt road I think of going off of the beaten path.   You aren't going to be in the city and right away you're going to have an idea of what type of people and scenery you're going to run into.  What's funny to me is that just like any city can really have its dangerous parts, I feel like you can find these dirt roads everywhere as well.

I know that I used to live off of a dirt road and my grandmother on my mom's side used to as well.  The one time I remember going there it was like we were surrounded by trees, playing in the backyard.   And there is just that sort of way where you feel free.  You feel like you're not part of the city, so you're not part of their rules or laws and you can kind of do whatever you can get away with, which is sometimes shooting off fireworks and drinking before the government says you're allowed.

In some ways I feel like an artist such as Kid Rock can touch upon what this song is about but it just feels like Kid Rock has more of a trashy way about that lifestyle.  Atomic Junkshot paints the picture in a more honest way and as someone who really feels like they grew up around having a swimming hole and drinking Mr. Pibb, this song hits home and just feels like an essential part of America we don't talk about enough.  


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