Cassette Review // Tina Fey "In Living Memory" (Nefarious Industries)

Tina Fey is such an interesting band simply because they are called Tina Fey.   This cassette is full of songs which heavy, somewhere between metal and hardcore.   They have complexities to them and they really remind me of Doom Beach, who is a local favorite.  

It is loud and it is chaotic.  It can be fast grinding with speaking.   Big and just hammering down with the riffs and bass, this is a force to be reckoned with.   Two of my favorite lines- which do repeat during their songs- are "He sits / He waits / He watches / He listens" and "I'm not scared at all".   These feel like two different mantras for two different reasons.

Numerous factors make me think of older artists from this genre that could be considered similar.   From Old Gray to Nora, there is just this stretch of bands from more recent times to back when Ferretstyle and the like were just taking off.  "In Living Memory" captures a lot of the past twenty some odd years plus takes us into the future.

As far as cassettes like this go, Tina Fey is among the best doing it right now.  This is just everything you would expect from a sound that you'd hear live and have your face blown off.  But in that audio violence comes a bit of beauty, as words can be spoken just as well as screamed.  


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