Music Review // shn shn "Glimmer"


"Glimmer" begins with this sound of tapping and rattling glass like bottles.  Singing comes in and this feels like it's somewhere between Tony Njoku and Polly Scattergood.  As the song goes on it has a steady rhythm, almost hypnotic, and then as it says "Open your eyes" it kicks into a much louder sound, one of a more fuller pop but also able to better showcase the soul of this song.

Lyrically this song is about finding that glimmer of hope, as the line says: "So close yet so far / To a glimmer of hope".   Lines which repeat in here are "Never a yell but whisper" as it feels like sometimes that hope comes through in such a way that we might miss it- it's not always in our face and as apparent as it should be to us.

This music video begins in the sand, at the beach, goes inside where there is some interpretive dancing and other manipulated images that look neat.   By the end we're back at the beach and hopefully have found that hope which seems to be what this song is about-- trying to find a spot of brightness in this ever-growing-dark world.

The way that this feels like it can come through with just wanting something, any small bit of hope, feels relatable.   When things look bad, even seeing something small like a trailer for a new movie or the announcement that a favorite artist is touring and coming here can really lift my spirits.   It truly is the little things and sometimes that's all we want and that's all we need.  


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