Cassette Review // Bill Harris "MACRODOSE" (Amalgam)

This immediately comes through with a loud sound, as if there is some sort of electronics going on in space.   It's distorted and just hits like a wave, creating this wall over all else around it.   As it quiets down, we head into this sound of tinkering and then the deep dive bass.   We're halfway between zip ties and modem screams now, as everything just also feels like it's going to turn into Transformers.   

Car horn type sounds now bring out a steady drum kit.   I know this probably isn't what's happening, but I'm just imagining this sound as one of those performers who wears all of their gear and can hit their knees together to make cymbals crash, they stomp on the drum while holding other cymbals are blowing into the horns.   There has to be a proper name for this one-man-band type of deal, but I can see it in these sounds.

A steady, pulsating beat now and sounds somewhere between a cello and chairs moving across the floor squeaking comes through now.   We go into a drum kit with a fresh beat now.   A little bit of scraping now, as the drums fade.    Some swirling and then it sounds like we're throwing things into the glass as the rubber of something such as a balloon expands.   Little knocking type notes and then this all forms this rhythm.  

This all becomes a hectic, percussion type of pinball machine game.   There is dinging and just as much as it feels like someone playing these different pieces of percussion it feels like a ball bouncing around hitting a lot of it as well.   A deeper synth now, with some sharpness, feels like it's taking us to a darker place now, but just as quickly as it enters and wipes the sound clean it disappears.   Back into space electronics now, some higher pitched laser blasts.  

A steady drum set takes us into a spiral of toms.  It can feel almost like beeping, but it can also feel like someone is just spamming buttons in a video game.   Drums come blasting in now, as we get into what feels more like hardcore / skramz.   These beats just feel like a car crash.   It all dies into this ringing drone, which feels like the appropriate way for it to end, as if that last breath comes out.  


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