Music Review // Dani Nash "Ordinary Love // Anything At All"


The music of Dani Nash has a retro vibe to it and as such it feels fitting that this is a two song release.   Back in the time of records and cassettes, artists used to release two songs all the time.  People might think singles were popular ideas for the radio, but when someone would have a song on a record or cassette there was always that B-Side.   This could very easily be a "b/w" record or a cassingle if someone was to put the time and effort into making it as such.

Right away "Ordinary Love" comes in with this percussion like Phil Collins.   The song reminds me a bit of Cyndi Lauper as well.   There are beats and pleasant synth, a steady pace but closer to a big ballad feel.   At one point a smooth sax sound comes in as well.   This song is about how ordinary people have ordinary love.  When you think about all of the famous love stories out there, you often overlook the thousands of others which don't get talked about because they weren't filled with drama.

As we go into "Anything At All" the pace is a bit faster as it can feel like more of a straight forward modern pop song.   I'm reminded of the Plain White T's and while the song has generally upbeat tones it can feel like the opposite in the lyrics.  Lines such as "This city makes me miserable" and "You know it takes a sad, sad girl to pretend" show this contrast.  This is still a fun song to listen to though and the idea is that you can ask for anything.

While these two songs feel connected by the voice of Dani Nash they also have similar qualities of pop.   Though "Ordinary Love" is more nostalgic, the two songs just work so well together it's hard after hearing them together to imagine one without the other.   In the past, a B-Side has been a rare song or just something maybe not listened to as much as the single on Side A, but both of these songs are worthy of your attention.  


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