My Wrestling Highlights of April 2022, Blog Style



For the end of March, I've basically been trying to catch up with the weekly shows I watch before getting into the insanity of Wrestlemania Weekend.   This included the first part of a Lucha Libre AAA Gira Aniversario XXX show from Ciudad Madero (which is up on their YouTube Channel and oddly I can access the video but cannot access their channel from the US)  There were three matches featuring the likes of Lady Maravilla, Drago Kid, Pimpinela Escarlata, Crazy Boy, Xtreme Tiger, Taurus and Puma King.   

I'm really enjoying what AAA is doing right now I just wish it was easier to watch.  I mostly just get to see matches here and there- like El Hijo del Vikingo vs John Superstar (aka John Morrison) and Taya taking on Flammer, Keyra, Lady Shani and Maravilla.  The matches are there, on YouTube for free, but I wish there was more organization amongst the shows and it just felt like they were putting out something weekly or however often and it all was connected rather than just feeling so random.

I've also been catching up with MLW and episode #135 of Fusion featured a nice surprise as a mystery entrant into the main event was Bandido.  I absolutely love Bandido and if ROH doesn't bring him back I hope he ends up having a more prominent role in MLW.  How Bandido is not one of the wrestlers out there right now on television weekly with just what feels like way too much merchandise is just a mystery to me.   Someone needs to get on this!

I actually went out of my way for the first time in a long time to watch an AEW match (though it was the only match that I watched) as Thunder Rosa captured their Women's Champonship inside of a steel cage.  That match was a lot of fun but I still struggle to watch AEW or anything really on a weekly basis outside of MLW, which, again, I don't watch every week but try to do less often and sometimes binge three or four episodes at a time.

Wendy Choo continues to be a highlight in NXT 2.0 but the rest of that show just feels so lost to me.  I've finally been able to catch up with their weekly episodes which lead up to Wrestlemania weekend but I can't tell you a whole lot of what happened on them.  I remember when the NXT shows were five matches and each match felt so important and now "Stand and Deliver" is a show I will likely not go back and watch.

For Wrestlemania itself, Jess and I watched the first night replay and the matches which really stood out to me were Cody Rhodes vs Seth Rollins because it felt so physical and Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair for similar reasons but also because Bianca getting the title back felt important based on the videos leading up to the match.   We also watched but fast forwarded through much of Night 2, with the highlights being Sami Zayn vs Johnny Knoxville and... that's it.  We watched Roman vs Brock but that match just wasn't for me.


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