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"Slime Time, Pt. 3

If you've ever spent any time learning too much about numbers while growing up you will likely agree that three is the magic number.  This is important because SNAILS is delivering their third EP under the "Slime Time" name and it also just so happens to feature three songs.  Coincidence or magic?  We will let you, the listener, decide for yourself but I believe it is an unintentional bit of magic.

One quality which all three of these songs share is that they are non-stop energy.   While there might be spots here and there where they slow down they only do it just to build back up again.  They only ever quiet just to become loud, a true sense of giving the listener a brief moment to breathe if they happen to be listening to these songs while dancing or just anything which might require the catching of your breath.

With big beats this reminds me of Skrillex and little else that I actually listen to but it's good to listen to when you need motivation- whether it be exercising or just going out to blow off steam.  I really do enjoy the energy of these songs and that seems to be their theme on this EP.  With triumphant synths and that expanding way about them, they do share similar sounds at times but overall one song remains distinct from the next.

Each song also has words but they repeat more like an audio clip than the way you would think of singing being in a song.  The words also tend to involve the title of the song, as "Tekno" states: "I got that tekno on my mind and I can't stop".   As the final song is titled "Feel It", it simply asks "Can you feel it?" as the hook and if you can manage to listen to this EP without feeling it you might want to check your pulse.  


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