Music Review //
Conor Maynard

With a sound like Justin Bieber or Usher, "P.G.N.L." has all of the sounds of a pop radio hit.  The way the tones just flow smooth with the singing make it feel like something you've heard before while not exactly sounding like any other song out there on the radio.  There is a definite vibe to it and that vibe is one which cannot be touched.  Conor Maynard has certainly created the type of song here which should become an undeniable club hit.

The idea behind the song "P.G.N.L." is based upon what the title stands for: Pretty Girl Name Later.   Over the course of these lyrics, Conor Maynard discusses meeting a woman who he is interested in and trying to get her phone number, but just by giving the bare details which is of course the number and not the name.  Some might interpret this as moving too fast but life moves fast sometimes and you have to just try and keep up with it.

I understand the whole idea of wanting to know someone's name before you take them back to your place, but at the same time if you're at a club looking at other people you may not be on that type of dating path where you buy dinner and drinks first.   This song is about a different style of dating, a more casual one, and to deny that it exists is just to overlook a lot of what happens during our youth and into our 20's.

On top of that, the lyrics just seem to suggest that there is only so much time which we get to spend in our lives so it also in that way feels like it is strongly about living in the moment and not wasting a single second.   For the way this music flows and the fact that it wants you to grab life by the horns and not let go- just really seize the day- this could easily become a hit of not just this summer but for many summers to come.


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