Music Review //
Casey Baer
"take it personal"

The song "take it personal" is a breath of fresh air not only in the world of pop-based rock music but in the lyrical sense as well.   There are a lot of artists out there on the radio right now creating pop songs with women singing them and, to me, most of them just sound like they're ripping off Paramore.   Casey Baer has that voice and sound though where you could pick out one of her songs from a playlist as it is distinct.

Musically, this song is great because it has this quality of an artist like Iggy Azalea, certain Taylor Swift songs or even the solo work of Gwen Stefani.  But then there is this other quality behind the big vocals where I think about artists like All Time Low and Fall Out Boy.   What makes it so cool musically is that it has that presence such as a pop star should- like Madonna, Britney, Christina, etc- and yet also feels like a rock band is driving it and that can appeal to an even larger audience in many ways.

On top of this unique sound comes a song about something which songs often times seem to be about in opposite form.   There are times when we find ourselves saying things and apologizing for them, "Oh, I didn't mean for you to take it personally".   This song is so much of the opposite of that and I love it.  From lines such as: "You get off on treating me like shit" to "You're dead to me / don't you dare try" this song is the perfect kiss off.  During this music video, Casey Baer sings while the band plays and it might not seem like a lot is going on but it is quite fitting for a pop star who has written such a dominant song.  

I fully believe we have people who come into our lives and aren't meant to stay for long periods of time.  Sometimes, that doesn't end so well and you have to tell that person you no longer want them in your life.  This song could be as vital to someone who just went through a breakup and is going dancing at a club to blow off steam as it could be to someone who needs to escape an abusive relationship.  


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