Thursday, April 28, 2022

Music Review //
Amo Jr


A few things jump out right away when listening to the song "Emotions" by Amo Jr.  For one thing, the vocals on this are rather distinct as they can feel at times like they're going up and down.   This is similar in what I think of someone like Elvis Costello doing in his later years, when he might also be playing while sitting in front of a piano.

The sound of Amo Jr is also going to grab you right away.  The song is primarily these vocals mixed with a piano and then at times percussion can be heard in the background.  There is also a flute solo.  If you told me that Amo Jr used a local church to record this song- instruments and all- I would not hesitate to believe you.  It also just happens to have that Hozier feel about it as well.

Lyrically this song is about what the title states.  The chorus of "Show me your emotions please / you are a mystery" is something which I think people can relate to when it comes to our interactions with others no matter how long we've known them.  I have family members whom I've known my entire life and still can't read their emotions because they just don't let them show.  

This music video is mostly shown inside of what appears to be a recording studio with the singing and instruments being played.   Somehow this adds a level of humanity to the song and does make the overall experience better.  As humans, we have emotions which we can express and so as this song seems to also want to do, we should express those feelings, not feel badly about them and just live our lives.

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